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I cant remember how to factory restore our Gateway computer. The way to restore Gateways is to hold down the ALT Key and repeatedly hitting f10 then it should bring you to a boot sequence screen then choose the HDD and then hold down ALT and repeatedly hit f10 again that should promt the restore feature for gateway.If that doesnt work the only way to do it is to boot into windows and run the e Recovery program. It doesnt disturbe me, if i have to set up everything, but at least i want to save all data from the partition P. I can start from an older version of my kernel, but it gives me the same error message Edit: Adding Hi-Angel's suggestion.After booting, you will need to mount the drive where Kubuntu is located.This is a problem, because the MS boot loader will not load anything except the MS operating system ...in contrast to grub, which will happily allow you to boot almost anything: Linux, memtest86, various MS products, et cetera.For a desktop manufactures in the last 3 years, I went to repair options under the F8 advanced boot options screen...as soon as the computer powers on, keep hittig the F8 key, then select repair, then if you to want wipe everything and start over chose the very LAST option, restore manager. I got my Gateway back running after using his Alt-F10 tip.

Alt Gr or right Alt and F10 started recovery Manager Had samee problem for a customer, restore partiton....

Some folks recommend installing MS before installing Linux, so that the Linux installation process will set up the MBR for you.

This is fine as far as it goes, but it is not always possible.

Reboot after removing and then run the update process normally to re-install it.

Hello, have a gateway computer thats filled with spyware. cant restore using the system restore cause it doesnt work.

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MS will trash the MBR, but you can restore it using the techniques described here. For good reasons, when you fire up a typical live CD, you are logged in as an ordinary user, not the superuser.

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