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If you find yourself on the market in your 40s, wading into the app-dating world can feel daunting.

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I never replied to any of the messages, however there were a few men who messaged me twice despite that, in an attempt to get a response.

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First off, you need to suss out whether or not your crush is at least mildly interested in you before you blow up their phone."You know your crush is receptive to flirting if he or she is responsive," says Barbara Greenberg Ph D, a clinical psychologist who specializes in family and relationship issues. Look into the eyes of the one you are flirting with.

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So when a group of socially-challenged misfits try to go Greek, they are immediately rejected by every house on campus.

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We are unique and transforming every day, how then can we conform to having typical relationships in order for them to be considered good?