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Dressed modestly in jeans and a pullover, Crowell describes her DABA identity as an online "character" and admits that she doesn't actually know anyone with a boyfriend-backed credit card or a slashed department-store allowance.

And despite DABA posts suggesting otherwise, she says, her own relationship with a corporate real-estate investor runs more toward Netflix at home than no-limit nights on the town.

And nobody can seem to believe that they may have gotten a book deal (including us, since they were unknowns until Monday).

But we would make the slight but important clarification that they’re not actually pitying themselves — they’re just elucidating a culturals” (Financial-Guy Boyfriends) are in some way lessening them.

Would I need to make myself perpetually unavailable to appeal to his competitive Wall Street side?

Or make sure I knew the difference between an IPO ‘bake-off‘ and an M&A deal in order to relate to him in some small way at the dinner table? A discussion thread on Wall Street came up and I scrolled through various comments by finance guys and women dating finance guys.

If, since we pointed it out to you on Monday, you’ve been following the phenomenon of the girls from Dating a Banker Anonymous, you’ll assume that they are full of woe that the boys who kept their lives high-flying and fun are no longer there to provide bottles at clubs, reservations at restaurants, and great economic-boom sex.

“Now, many Wall Street wives, girlfriends and, increasingly, exes, are living the curse of cutbacks in nanny hours and reservations at Masa or Megu,” mocked the Times in today’s article on the ladies. Canceled.” Some readers of the website viewed the women with scorn, others with judgment from on high.

I’ll have to risk mentioning a recent encounter with a finance guy who, if he reads this, will probably know exactly who I’m talking about.

Maybe he lost his romantic speak somewhere slaving away as a first year employee on the trading floor of his bank or maybe he just wasn’t that into me– either way, that was the impression I was left with and there was not enough evidence to disprove the fore mentioned stereotype.

My mother might read this and worry that I’m limiting myself to dating flaky entrepreneurs or penniless artists.

Rather than focusing on how well he wore a suit however, I was admittedly more interested in the dynamics of the romance between La Boeuf’s Wall Street character and his non-profit blogging girlfriend, played by Carrie Mulligan.

Being that I am a non-profit, single blogger myself, as I wondered home from the cinema I got to thinking about dating bankers. This may have something to do with the fact that I still get carded for cigarettes in a country where the legal smoking age is 16 (no longer flattering when you’re 25, just embarrassing) and the average age of a banker (not an intern) is somewhere past thirty– a dangerous age bracket to be picking up girls that look like teenagers.

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Well, there’s always lawyers (passionate in the courtroom, passionate elsewhere?

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  2. Last month, Dating a Banker Anonymous broke out as the hated, irresistible Website du jour, and it has earned its self-pitying, gold-digging authors some national press, not to mention promises from Hollywood agents of a "Real Housewives"–style media franchise. Crowell and Petrus fill the blog with a liberal mix of their own experiences, anecdotes from girls they meet out on the town and stories from people who e-mail the site, which they make no effort to verify.