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Can a unique creative tone even shine through within the confines of the strict Marvel model?

Warning: this article contains major spoilers for -related materials lately, in which all the cast members answer the question "what is The Neon Demon?

Basically, it has the power to make you feel very small indeed. Have you ever seen a jaw literally, literally drop to the floor? Time was, you could get a bit of a reaction by saying Adam Sandler was a good actor.

How about enjoying funny guy Vince Vaughn in a prison movie with brains, but those brains are frequently splattered across the concrete ground? You'd be the toast of the cognoscenti, lauded for your brave and rare insight, or at the very least one of those professional contrarians who make film Twitter such a rich and challenging environment.

was met with a chorus of boos, which can be as much a damnation as a sign of quality.

(It’s been reported that the festival-goers even booed Refn’s thank you to his wife in the end credits.) In the case of The film follows Jesse, played by Elle Fanning, a 16-year-old newcomer to Los Angeles who hopes to break into a career in modeling.

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  1. Her "no" could actually means "convince me" or "maybe." Should he not text and call her in pursuit, she knows he has changed his mind.